What is The Retirement Nautilus?

The Nautilus is based off the shell of an underwater cephalopod. The shell represents a beautiful, natural example of a logarithmic spiral. As the Nautilus grows/matures it creates new, larger chambers for its growing body to move into. Think of your retirement in the same way. Just like the cephalopod you can grow and diversify your retirement options. The Nautilus is your key to saving for the future. It represents the 6 key values of retire creatively.​

'So, what can I do to ensure my retirement? Is it even Possible for me to have one?'

These are typical questions that may be swirling around in our heads whenever we contemplate the word RETIREMENT.


Most people don’t really know what to expect from the end of their career. Many of us have worked for 30, 40, or even 50 years and for the majority of the population, a Fulfilling Retirement is still little more than an abstract concept or proposition.


How much savings is enough to feel secure? How do I invest over the next 10 – 20 years to ensure that I don’t run out of money? Can I still afford to help my kids if/when they get in a jam? And, what the heck am I going to do with myself once I stop working? In what ways can I Give Back as a way of being thankful for all that I have been blessed with?

You’re at the right place if:


  • You’re staring at your retirement and you haven’t even started planning yet;

  • You have some retirement-savings but you don’t know how much is enough and what else you should be thinking about;

  • You are in your 40’s/early 50’s and you want to start getting serious about retirement planning;

  • You want to know how you can help guide your children so they are better prepared.

Step 1 Secure Today’s Financial Position

This first stage is where we build the confidence that we can manage our finances through a retirement period that might last 20, 25 or even 30 years or more. This is where we get back to the basics of budgeting, planning, and continued savings as we learn to better understand some of the obstacles that can lay ahead.

For more information, read this free download PDF:  The RetireCreatively.com Budgeting System

Step 2 Enhance Your Future Financial Position

This second stage is where we realize that we need to continue to grow our nest egg, but we also need to do it in such a way that we greatly reduce our investment risk. We pay down debt as much as possible before our actual retirement, and then we learn to value such investments as perpetual dividend growth stocks, and top-rated corporate bonds. We begin to see real value in a 5% - 6% return with much less volatility.

Step 3 Teach Your Children About Financial I.Q.

Do you know that one of the greatest gifts that you can give your children and your grandchildren is a sound Financial I.Q. at an early age! An understanding of the power of compounding in someone’s teen years can be worth more than a Million Dollars. We teach you tips on how to get your children excited about saving, AND the lesson is FREE! (see Teach Your Children About the Power of Compounding.)

Step 4 Promote Personal Health & Fitness

If we are going to develop winning portfolios that can last us for the next 25+ years, let’s also learn how to keep ourselves healthy and fit so that we may enjoy the fruits of our labors. Having an active body and an active mind is important to being able to enjoy your retirement, and luckily it is easy to do. Through very light stretching and exercise you can even be an active and sharp individual well into your 90's. 

Step 5 Explore Your Creative Spark

While I believe this stage is for everyone, I find it particularly important for men!

Most women I’ve known – my wife included – have done a much better job of cultivating and nourishing close, same sex relationships; while many (if not perhaps most) men have had pretty much all of their male relationships built through their work.

In retirement, women appear to be much better equipped to find things they enjoy doing with their extra time, either with kids/grandkids or with social activities with some of their many friends, BUT men seem to often struggle with what to do with their time after their career is over.

In this 5th Stage we will investigate a number-of-ideas and see if we can’t find new activities that men and women can enthusiastically pour themselves into. Its never too late to find a new hobby or interest, and what better time then your retirement. An enjoyable retirement is one where we are still finding ways to challenge ourselves, and where we are continuing to grow as individuals.

Stage #6 Recognize Your Blessings and Give Back

Take the time to recognize all that we have been blessed with – starting with the accomplishment that we have even made it to retirement age, and we are able to at least start to think about how we can make this next stage of our lives happy and successful. Together we will explore various ways that other retired individuals have found things to make other peoples’ lives a little better than the day before.

I am 7 years into my own retirement and I am still striving to find ways that I can continue to grow, I wake each morning with a zest for what my day has to offer and I look forward to meeting and communicating with my Readers to see how we can work to further enhance each other’s days to come.


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