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10 Daily Habits for Happy & Productive Life

We will return to a new normal once the worst of this virus has past, and once some brilliant minds come up with both a vaccine and an antidote; and we will be able to once again revel in being alive in our beautiful land.

Let’s work NOW to enjoy what we have and look forward to what can be. The following is my 10 Daily Habits for a Happy and Productive Life while being HOMEBOUND.

1. Wake Up Early (5:45 a.m.)

- I am a morning person and I use my mornings for exercise and for whatever other “task” is most important for me to compete each day.

2. Meditate

- My 15 minute quiet time allows me to start the day with a clear, refreshed mind.

- I finish up my meditation session by taking a few minutes to visualize my day ahead, and by smiling at the challenge I have set for myself.

3. Look After Your Health!

- While I fully subscribe to the idea that Health & Fitness is driven 80% by Nutrition and 20% by Exercise, I therefore take care in what I eat

- But I also adamantly believe that it is the exercise that makes me feel and recognize when my body is getting stronger, more mobile, and more confident.

- If/when the gyms open again, I will resume doing 3-4 different exercise routines, from 6:30 – 7:30 a.m., six day per week

- While Homebound, I do 45 minutes of body weight, and some spinning exercises, six days per week

4. Attack Today’s To-Do List

- After eating a good/nutritious breakfast, I review today’s To-Do List (developed last evening) and I start with whatever task I had deemed most important

- Focus on working throughout the morning (or until completed) on this one most important task

5. Get Outside for a Walk

- Walk 2-4 miles and enjoy being in nature for about an hour

6. Find time Each Day for My Creative Spark

- I do this later in the day after I’ve completed my most important task(s)

- It’s my own mental “dessert” – my gift to myself for a job well done (this could be painting, playing an instrument, gardening, studying a new language etc.)

7. Relax, Read or Listen to Music with My Wife

- Can include T.V. sporadically

8. Create My To-Do List for Tomorrow, When I Stop Working Today

- Under each task, list the steps I’ll be taking

- Prioritize by starting (and finishing) the most important task first!

9. Express My gratitude for What I Accomplished Today, and for All of the Beauty & Serenity That I See Around Me

- Express positive affirmations for all that I have been blessed with!

10. Strive to Go to Bed at The Same Time Each Day

- A Brigham and Women’s Hospital Sleep Study found that a more inconsistent sleep routine prevents your body from releasing hormones at the right time to make you feel sleepy and awake, thereby throwing off your circadian rhythm (body clock)

- Their results indicated that going to sleep and waking up at approximately the same time is as important as the number of hours one sleeps.

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