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Why Now Is a Perfect Time to Create a Bucket List

We all realize that for our own health and safety, and for the health and safety of our close friends and loved ones, we must stay home as best we can. While the feeling of isolation, coupled with the daily news updates, can cause a sense of overwhelm, we need to stop and count our blessings.

We should start by being grateful for all doctors, nurses and hospital staff that are doing their best to treat the sick and in-firmed. We should also be grateful for the first respondents (police, firemen) who are still working to help keep us safe in what can be a very scary environment, and we should be grateful to all of the people still working in food stores and pharmacies. If you have need to see any of these people who are still working to serve the rest of the population, please take an extra few minutes to thank them for being there.

Americans are renown for being doers and dreamers and what we must do right now is shelter in and stay safe, while keeping others safe, and helping to curb the expansion of this virus. On the other hand, we can work to lift our spirits by reigniting the Dreamer in all of us. Let’s all dream a bit by writing down our Retirement Bucket List.

A bucket list is a list that people create with things that they dream about doing sometime in the future. And even though we are currently restricted in what we can do over the next few months, we are not restricted in dreaming and planning to make some of these most desired items on our bucket list come true.

Start with an expansive list of any and all dreams that you think you would like to experience, and then cull it down to your TOP 10 Bucket List Ideas based on your financial possibilities, physical capabilities, and based on the probable world conditions. (Once you start acting on your list and checking items off in the next six months or so, you can surely add more “dreams” to make your list never ending.)

Now comes the fun part! Pick the one idea on your bucket list that you would most like to make happen and actually start planning ways to help make that wish a reality. We all have more time on our hands than usual but instead of trying to work against 2, 3, or 4 ideas at once, you will be more productive if you focus on the one most important dream that you have.

Starting with the day after you finalize your Top 10 Bucket List, and after you have decided what your number one priority will be, start to schedule 2-3 hours each day to work against making your dream a reality. Set your alarm at a reasonable hour for you, shower and have a good breakfast, and then clear the next 2-3 hours of your day to doing things that can help you to realize your dream.

Bucket List Category Ideas

The variations in our bucket list ideas can be as numerous as the number of people developing lists, but some categories that might help to stimulate ideas could include:

· Things you like to do with your children and/or grandchildren

· Travel in the U.S.A.

· Travel internationally

· Hobbies ((How to become better at gardening, hiking, reading, animal care/training, camping, fishing, golfing, collecting, swimming, exercising, painting, learning how to play an instrument, volunteering, writing (poetry, novels, children’s books), cycling, photography …

There is a wealth of free resources available on the internet for each-and- every Bucket List Idea that you can come up with, even if you are unable to delve into that item fully while you are confined to your home. As an example, Traveling dreams can become more real today, by researching, planning and discussing your possibilities with your spouse, family members or close friends.

Let’s say that one of your dreams/bucket list ideas is to visit 5 National Parks in the U.S. Did you realize that there are 58 National Parks in the U.S. to choose from? How to choose?

National Parks are listed by state (should you decide you don’t want to drive too far from home), and there are Facebook Groups that you can join for pretty much any park you would like. The National Park Service maintains a great deal of information on each park, and I believe each park has its own website. You can learn about how many miles of motor roads each park has, how many hiking trails, the number of miles of carriage trails, the types of wildlife, artist in residence programs, volunteering opportunities, camping possibilities, permits needed …

When the country and the world open-up once again you can be so much better prepared to make your dreams happen that you will exceed your expectations in realizing your bucket list countdown

If your list includes learning how to bake, learning a new language or learning how to paint in watercolor/oil/pastel – there are resources available today!

Dick McEvoy’s Bucket List  -  I have updated my bucket list and I have begun planning on how I can best pull off the next item on my list:

1. Travel with my family so that our daughter (from New York state) and our son (who lives in Germany) can all meet with their families, at least once every two years,

2. Become conversationally fluent in another language,

3. Take a U.S, road trip with my wife (wine tasting in the NAPA Valley; see the Smokey Mountains; visit Mount Rushmore and Crazy horse …)

4. Take a painting trip to Italy,

5. Plan/take the next road trip with college friends and teammates,

6. Plan a summertime “sleepover” for our two granddaughters (American and German) at Meme and Papa’s house in Connecticut,

7. Go on an African Safari,

8. Finish writing my series of Children’s books and finally get them published,

9. Start (another) new business,

10. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail, and/or the El Camino de Santiago

Dreams are fun and they are invigorating, and in today’s homebound climate, developing a bucket list and starting to find a way to realize the first item can bring new energy and joy to your day.

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